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"What a fantastic team. Everyone, Chrissy, Earl, Cleve, Sinclair, Kia, LaReese, Jermaine were supper nice and quick. They moved my whole place and deep leaned it and washed the carpets. Left my place spotless and didn't break anything during the move. I felt horrible bc I had a heavy piano and they moved it without a problem from 3rd floor. Couldn't be more happier with their service and fairly priced. Highly reccommend them to everyone. Thank y'all so much :)"

                Natalia W.

"Chrissy was fantastic, as was Earl and the rest of her team who helped me. She went above and beyond what I expected, helping me to sell furniture, packing and labeling boxes clearly, taking great care to wrap my breakable objects very securely, and doing everything she could do make sure my move went smoothly and that I got a good price on it. Several years ago, I hired a Hilton Head mover after I sold my house, and although we were just moving to another house up the street, that Hilton Head mover was terrible. I found Krissy online and feel incredibly blessed that I did. She is one smart, capable, resourceful, hard-working and personable young woman. She has a lovely personality and was very easy to talk to and work with. I would recommend Klean & Klear above any other movers, and would be more than happy to act as a reference for her."

                  Gwen C.

"Due to a flat tire there was a considerable delay in the crew's arrival. Once here they moved with great speed at both ends of the move. Helpful and friendly."

                    Lorretta A.


"Don't underestimate her! She is a beast!!!!!! 

   Great Job!!!!!!"

        Kerwin J.

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